Face Coverings Required at The Pacific

Posted By on July 21, 2020

Here at The Pacific, the health and welfare of all Residents, Staff, and Visitors is our top priority, especially during these unprecedented times. In accordance with state and local mandates, The Pacific is adhering to all ordinances and requiring all who access the property wear face coverings within the common elements.

The hallways, lobby, elevator, parking garages, etc., are all part of the common elements at The Pacific shared with fellow Residents and utilized by Staff. For the benefit of everyone at The Pacific, all individuals utilizing or traveling through these shared spaces should be wearing a mask/face covering at all times. As we have learned through the various reports provided by the CDC and other medical experts, there may be individuals who could carry the virus but be asymptomatic making the use of face masks vital to avoid inadvertently spreading the virus to others.

Thank you!



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